hua hin resort

Imagine a town on a coast overlooking a number of tropical beaches with picturesque views and clear blue waters, bathed with sunshine and golden sand. This is an attainable dream when you travel to the Hua Hin peninsula. This is a world-renowned beach resort located in Thailand just south of Bangkok that takes your ultimate vacation fantasies and makes them a reality.

This beach attracts many tourists and is a vacation destination where spiritual beauty invites you to relax on the sandy beaches under the shade of tropical coconut trees, hike the scenic mountain trails, and explore its caves as well as a number of other activities that make for a wonderful holiday experience.

The coastal haven’s history, tradition and goodwill enhance the temptation of this holiday. The tranquil beach town with over six beaches falling under its coastal belt presents visitors with different sceneries, attractions, atmospheres and activities to engage their senses. One of the beaches you’ll come across will be the Khao Takiab Beach, also known as Chopstick Mount, which attracts hundreds of visitors and is popular for its temple that is home to a golden Buddha shrine. The Hua Hin Beach is known as one of the best in Thailand for its peaceful atmosphere, white sand, scattered rocks and recreational activities. The Khoa Tao Sai Noi Beach is a secluded beachfront south of Hua Hin, adorned with pine trees and a striking Buddha statue that looks out into the ocean.

Another beach on the coastal range is the Pranburi Beach – a tranquil area perfect for relaxation and family picnic adventures. The Cha-am Beach is one of the most popular spots you will come across in Hua Hin.

This serene location was initially built as a fishing village but now is more famous for a number of water sporting activities. The beach offers visitors all types of water sports that include banana boating, jet skiing, water skiing, bicycle tours and many more.

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