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The Wat Huay Mongkol Temple, also known as the Huay Mongkol Temple, is situated about ten kilometres south of Hua Hin in the village of Tub Tai, Thailand. The temple is a sacred sanctuary to one of Thailand’s prestigious monks Luang Pu Thuat. The picturesque temple boasts a serene ambience ideal for devotion and worship.

One of Wat Huay Mongkol Temple’s foremost attractions is the biggest statue perched atop a pavilion just outside the monastery. The statue is said to be crafted in the image of the monk Luang Pu Thuat. This gigantic statue is reachable by mounting a fleet of stairs and leaves a distinct impression on most sight-seers.

Another attraction at this sanctuary is the two black wooden elephants sitting at the foundation of the stairwell that stretches to the statue. At the top of the stairway the pavilion is decorated with ribbons of all colours and flowers.

Devotees are seen in throngs during the weekends, and they bring a number of offerings. Some fervent devotees circle around the temple elephants, roll underneath the creature’s belly and practice certain rituals. The people also gather around the great miracle monk statue to ask for merit, happiness, favours, and luck for life among other special requests.

Tourists are also provided with a tour around the temple on an elephant. The tour offer an array of beautiful sight-seeing attractions such as a statue of King Mongut on horseback, sunflower gardens, waterfalls, bridges, pavilions, streams and peaceful gardens ideal for a picnic. Visitors are given a place of beauty and peace that also allows one to make an offering and request for a longer and a good life.

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