commercial property sales

A business associate of mine recently set up a new company and she was looking for commercial property Surrey for premises for her new venture. Although there are a lot of companies who offer commercial property Surrey in the area, she was finding it very difficult to find the exact thing that she was looking for and was becoming very frustrated indeed. As the commercial property Surrey she required was quite large, she wanted to make sure that she dealt with an agent who could advise her as well as show her all the properties in their portfolio.

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She said that she would recommend Traynor Ryan to anybody who was looking for commercial property Surrey, whatever line of business they were in. As she said, the range of commercial property Surrey that they offer is vast. They have every type of premises from office to retail and leisure and even warehouses. What is more, their website is extensive and really details all of their services in full. You can visit them online at and see for yourself the range of services and properties that they offer. If you are looking for commercial property Surrey then there really is no other choice.